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At Acrylic Flooring we listen to your flooring expectations – combined with our knowledge and experience we install seamless acrylic resinous flooring systems that work. Our products contribute to LEED® credits, and are USDA, FDA, and EPA certified. Let your industry benefit from choosing our outstanding durable, sanitary, safe, and low maintenance seamless flooring systems.


Quick curing Methyl Methacrylates/MMA’s

Cures to full service in 1 hour

Installed in temperatures as
low as -20 degrees F perfect
for operational freezers or
walk in coolers

MMA systems completely
bond to any substrates including concrete, tile, steel

Create sloping for troublesome drainage and a watertight seal between floors and

Acrylic flooring is the fastest return to service floor coating
in the industry


High performance Urethanes

Cures to full service in 12 hours

Best suited for application
in temperatures between
60°F and 85°F

Can be applied over 5 day
old concrete

Products meet strict food
safety guidelines

Recommended for areas
of wet processing, chemical contamination and
high temperature cleaning

Strong, durable floor,
no age-related brittle


Time and material saving Hybrids

Cures to full service in 8 hours

Best suited for application
in temperatures between
60°F and 85°F, unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles

Hybrid systems bond to
green concrete

Designed to protect
concrete, polymer reinforced screeds, mild steel and
water resistant plywood

Ideal for fast-track installations



Durability and value Epoxy

Cures to full service in 12 hours

Best suited for application
in temperatures between
60°F and 90°F

Can be applied on most any type of sound substrate

Chemical resistance withstands spills and harsh cleaners

Recommended for wet areas, chemical contamination,
high traffic, chill areas

Easy maintenance, abrasion resistance, non-slip surface

Long lasting industrial, commercial, and institutional flooring systems

At Acrylic Flooring, LLC we understand the demanding challenges your floors need to withstand. Ask us, we help you to select the high quality flooring system that is the right fit for your business.


Restaurants/Food Service


Grocery Stores


Health Care Facilities










Food/Beverage Manufacturing


Veterinary Facilities


Keeping your business in business. Get information on our seamless flooring system that completely cures in 1-hour.

For 25+ years we have been the most trusted installers of Cryl-A-Flex a MMA flooring system manufactured by Dur-A-Flex. Our product can be installed overnight… your business returns to full service in the morning. Ask us which flooring product is best suited for your needs. For more information contact us today at 201-857-5851.


Download product data for Cryl-A-Flex, Poly-Crete, Hybri-Flex, and Dur-A-Quartz
seamless flooring systems

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Over years we have built a strong and loyal customer base by solving flooring problems and by delivering first class customer service.

Committed to teamwork we consistently meet our project and company goals, we deliver on-time, within budget, and provide quality workmanship.

New Construction, Remodeling, Repairs.

Whether it’s repairing cracks or other surface damage, or a new durable wear-resistant seamless floor, our team will assess your current flooring, and suggest the best, most cost-effective restoration solution.

Recent Clients

“Seton Hall was very Happy with the Floor. Your crew was very professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Richard Lurz, Contractor for Seton Hall University, NJ

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Restaurants/Food Service

Healthcare Facilities

Grocery Stores




Food/Beverage Manufacturing


Benefits of MMA
Seamless and sanitary
Chemical/thermal/UV resistant
Non skid/no trip hazards
Long-term cost saver
Quickly installed
No downtime
No systems shutdown
Meet LEED requirements